Friends of Paco is a film about finding your family

Paco puts people together. We all need someone. We all need each other. Morgan, Paco, Jordi, Andres, they all meet in Barcelona and become a sort of family for each other. Then they try and help each other find love and make their own families, almost parenting one another, giving the love and shelter they need to finally finish growing up.

This film traces a period of my life at the turn of the 21st century where I always had my video camera on. It is the unvarnished story of my early adulthood, or my second childhood in Barcelona. It’s wild and funny ride, sweet, sour and sad. And, in the end, we all find the love we need.

Jonathan Brown of Dusty Stray fame does score!

Praise for DUSTY STRAY. It’s all delightfully dark and the trick of allying beautiful and tapalong music to dark words has rarely been performed as well. AMERICANA.UK. Astonishingly beautiful songs that everyone in the world should hear. KRAMER. Makes the eyes cry not because of sorrow but joy.

Not only is Jonathan a talented musician, potent collage artist and wonderful father, he’s part of my Barcelona expat family and almost wound up in the film. He’s also co-creator of my all time favorite live art and media show, the SuperOcheros.

I’m Morgan Dews

I’m responsible for this glorious mess of a film. I spent years editing it together, so if there’s a problem, blame me. But it was a long labor of love of a group of dear friends, my dear friends who helped me become the man I am today, and made this film possible. It’s about my life but also about Paco, Jordi, Sarah, Andrés, Claire, Kelly, Jonathan, Stefan, Birga, Joan, Miguel Ángel, and so many more. Friends who gave me on-screen parts of their intimacy, and their footage and friendship, their support and advice so I could tell our story. Or what I thought a bit of that story was. This could never be without their generosity.

My last film, Must Read After My Death, was about my grandparents Allis and Charley, their marriage in the sixties, and Allis’ struggle to break free from stifling sexism. It’s like the revolution of the sixties happening in Allis’ life as she records her daily struggles with a 8mm movie camera and a portable reel-to-reel tape-recorder. Roger Ebert said “I’ve never seen anything like it” and chose it as one of the best documentaries of 2009.

Lisa Kwon creating Friends of Paco design

Not this website – this is just something I cobbled together, no something far more fantastic and wonderous, although probably with the same punk fanzine spirit – as well as film titles and posters, mugs and t-shirts that say, “no, he’s YOUR friend.”

Senior Creative Director at TPN and dear friend of mine. She directed design for the award winning, Must Read After My Death.